KHALALA empowers Fashion Designers from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the luxury global fashion industry by providing capacity building through internship placements, manufacturing and production assistance, grants and scholarships as well as high quality global industry exposure in partnership with established players in the fashion industry. 



KHALALA's mission to provide the highest quality of opportunities and experiences to the African designers to help them cultivate their careers and align their accomplishments with other leading international designers. We create new and sustainable jobs and enhance the attractiveness of African countries for international business as a result of the development of African designers and the larger creative industries, ultimately boosting Africa’s economic reputation and strengthening its position in the global economy.

KHALALA assists designers through several programs established in partnership with significant players in the fashion industry. Our programmes include:

  • Up to 1 year of hands-on experience learning about textile and garment design, manufacturing, quality assurance and control, and technologies housed by global fashion brands;

  • Guidance for professional development from premiere players in the international luxury fashion industry;

Education - Grants and Scholarships
  • Financial assistance to advance technical and business skills as well as production and manufacturing assistance to develop fashion collections;

Exclusive Insider Opportunities
  • Unique opportunities to participate in and feature work at exclusive international fashion industry events;

International Marketing Platforms
  • Designer's showcase at international business to business  platforms to further promote their brand, reach new audiances, network and collaborate with key industry players;

  • Permanent or temporaty integration of designer's merchandise into international retail outlets, boutiques, fashion museums, galleries as well as assistance with setting up own international stores;


KHALALA's vision is to see more African fashion designers succeed in the global fashion industry, thus boost Africa's economic position globally.