​​​Africa Fashion Awards (AFA), hosted annually in Paris, FRANCE during Paris Fashion Week in September have been established to create international market access for African fashion designers. The aim of AFA is to nurture the rich kernels of talent scattered  throughout the African Fashion world by shining a spotlight on some of its most creative eclectic designers, whose full potential remains unrealised. More than ever before, Africa is viewed as a cradle of creativity, heritage, vibrancy and a significant source of inspiration in the fields of art, fashion and design. The media buzz surrounding African fashion has never been louder than  it is now. We are increasingly witnessing African influenced fashion not only on glittering catwalks around the world, but also in the designs of popular high street stores and boutiques. Now is the time to celebrate and acknowledge such achievement and what a better way than through AFA.

More than ever before, the current conditions are beyond ideal for bold African designers to establish themselves as desirable global brands, harnessing their vision and creativity by delivering unique, quality fashion for the twenty-first century. Our platform wich is both elegant and accessible is designed specifically to cultivate the right international attention for African designers to ensure that they take the much necessary next step on the path to global domination. There is enormous potential in the African fashion scene, and we believe strongly that now is the perfect time to unleash that potential, and help African designers build commercially sustainable, international fashion businesses.

Through this exclusive and unique celebration of the very best of African fashion, we endeavour to become the continent's number 1 gateway to international markets.  The top fashion houses are increasingly embracing African inspired fashion aestetic, and top African designers are increasingly making names for themselves internationally. We hope that AFA will give a new generation of African designers an opportunity to showcase their creations in front of an international audiance, resulting in an increase in brand awareness as well as creation of new business opportunities.



Celebrating an individual or moment that has shaped or influenced the global fashion industry this year. 



An Africa ready-to-wear designer who has been instrumental in leading men’s fashion in the past year.
An African ready-to-wear designer who has been instrumental in leading women’s fashion in the past year.


An African  innovative and directional womenswear, menswear or accessories designer who is emerging as a growing force in the fashion industry. 



Recognising a highly acclaimed, leading ready-to-wear womenswear or menswear African designer that has directed the shape of fashion in the past year.
Recognising and celebrating a brand or individual who promotes the welfare of others and generously use their resources to benefit good causes.



Recognising a highly acclaimed, leading accessories designer that has directed the shape of fashion in the past year.


An African-owned sportswear brand which wholly operates in this area or elevates itself through collaborations.
Recognising a fashion creator for their outstanding contribution to the global fashion industry.


A leading African-based accessories, menswear or womenswear brand that has made an impact on the international stage this year in areas that include dynamic campaigns, multiple stores in international markets and e-commerce.


CEO or President of a fashion business that has seen both creative and commercial success while nurturing and celebrating the creative talent within the business.


A male or female African model that has contributed most to the international fashion scene in the past year and has demonstrated influence beyond the catwalk.


Recognising an individual whose influence has greatly impacted the fashion industry this year.


Recognizing a well known individual who has done remarkably well in showing off the African continent’s style to the world.


Celebrating an individual for their significant contribution to the African fashion industry.

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