• Market entry strategy: Get your fashion brand featured at International Pop Up Shops, Retail Stores, Fashion Museums, Galleries, or appropriate fashion platforms; 
  • ​Facilitate collaborations with international fashion designers (emerging and established);
  • International retail marketing;
  • International Fashion Buyers Portfolio Pack in digital or print format. Customized for Ready-to-wear/prêt-à-porter, High Fashion/Haute Couture,   Seasonal Buyers, Men's Wear);  
  • Facilitate participation and designer appearances at major International Fashion Shows and Trade Events;
  • Represent designers at major International Fashion Shows and Trade Events;
  • Serve as a "local" liaison between your fashion brand and potential international customers; 
  • Facilitate participation at OR for a designer to speak at international fashion conferences, seminars or round table discussions;
  • Arrange designer meetings with international fashion buyers, press, magazine editors, fashion bloggers and stylists at International Fashion events;
  • Organize conferences, road shows, roundtables,  and seminars on behalf of young and emerging fashion entrepreneurs;
  • Arrange International Fashion Study tours, in country immersion tours and road shows ;
  • Facilitate contract negotiations with fashion buyers;

  • Events Management: Brand / product launch, Sales & discount promotions, Customer styling service, promotional staff (male & female models), in-store photo shoots and videos of collection launch;
  • Celebrity Endorsements: 
    • Facilitate celebrities attending red carpet international fashion events to wear and/or talk about your fashion product;
    • Facilitate celebrity appearances on magazines, social media, TV, and other visual print mediums wearing your fashion brand;
    • Launch a brand / product campaign featuring public figures and/or prominent influencers;
  • Facilitate international press coverage for your fashion brand (TV, Magazines, Radio, Social Media, Fashion Blogs);
  • Product testing through introduction to International retailers, fashion buyers and the media;
  • Multimedia campaigns to introduce the fashion brand in foreign markets;
  • Development of marketing and promotional collateral;

  • Lead generation;
  • Business opportunities identification;
  • Partner search (​Distributors, Stockists, Fashion Designer Collaborations, Joint ventures, Franchise and consortium partners);
  • Map the fashion brand with potential target market consumers;
  • Conduct feasibility studies on the potential performance of the brand in the identified international market;
  • Develop product strategy for localization;
  • Research, identify and recommend unique and suitable showcase platforms (e.g. Fashion Museums, Galleries, Boutiques, Embassies, etc);

  • Fashion Brand positioning for international market penetration;  
    • Product differenciation;
    • Product branding (Garment Embroidery, Embroidery and Printed Labels, Branded shopping bags, Branded portfolio bag);
  • Electronic Portfolio:
    • Domain Registration;
    • Website Design and maintenance;
    • ECommerce Store;
    • Website Hosting and email address;
    • Promotional e-mailer design;
    • ​Social media set-up and management;
  • Profile page on KHALALA website with link to your website;
  • Business Cards;
  • Branded Price Tags;
  • Label Design;
  • Product Catalogue 10-15 pages;
  • Posters;
  • Flyers and Brochures;
  • Banners;

  • Stock Control and Inventory;
  • International Stock Storage Management;
  • Order notifications;
  • Cliental satisfaction recording and follow up;
  • Shipping and packaging;
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