​Beauty is a deeply subjective – even divisive – experience, especially within the African Fashion context. What makes  a fashion item “beautiful”? Does it lie in the aesthetics? The function? The thoughts or feelings it evokes? The story behind it? Whatever your answer, the notion is one that deserves to be considered and questioned.

​The Most Beautiful Fashion Item From Africa (MBFIFA), brought to you by KHALALA, is an annual global event aimed at discovering and showcasing Africa's most precious fashion gems to the international community.   Every year, KHALALA invites entries from interested designers from all over the African continent. Only one designer will be nominated to represent each African country. Selected designers will be expected to present one African inspired fashion item with a global appeal. All selected fashion items will then be showcased internationally at an exhibition targetted at international fashion buyers, investors, media, fashion editors, bloggers, designers, fashion academic institutions as well as the business sector. At the end of the exhibition, a panel of international judges crowns one object the MBFIFA of the year. The winner is announced in Paris, FRANCE.

The aim of MBFIFA is to stimulate competition amongst African fashion designers by encouraging them to use their design skills to position their products for consumption by the European market. Showcasing alongside their fellow African counterparts will give designers an opportunity to benchmark and put their craftmanship into perspective to help them enrich their work. Such exposure to international audiances will also stimulate demand for African fashion, enabling designers to improve production output, design techniques, competitiveness, but most importantly, will create a positive perception of value for African design aesthetic amongst the European fashion consumers. This event is expected to give rise to collaborative projects.

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